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How you start your day determines to a large extent how accomplished you would feel at the end of the day. Simply waking up and running off to work without any tangible plan for the day would be counter productive most times. It is best you take out 5-10 minutes every morning to envision how you want your day to become. If carefully planned, you wouldn't have to delve into diverse miscellaneous activities without achieving your outmost aim for the day. Developing the right habits not only leaves you feeling fulfilled, but gives your day a tangible substance and quality.

Here are a few simple habits that could make your day remarkably outstanding:

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1. Develop the right attitude:

Developing the right attitude not only fuels your energy to start off but also leaves you feeling lighter throughout the day. Statistics has it that optimists often have better days than pessimists. This is because they build a contagious atmosphere around themselves that leaves them almost in total control of their day. They do not wait to take the day as it comes, but rather decide for themselves how they want it to be. These positive vibes help them have a great deal of emotional intelligence that enables them tackle unforeseen circumstances and challenges as they come, without losing their cool. In order to have an outstanding day, you must first develop the right attitude.

2. Set a goal/daily target(s):

Setting a goal or goals, gives you clarity on what to do and what to expect as the day unfolds. Defining your goal inspires commitment and dedication to purpose. Each day must have a short and long term goal. Your short term goal is a goal geared towards achieving your long term goal. Your long term goal could be what you generally intend to achieve by the end of day. For instance, as a Poet, I might decide on writing 5 poems by the end of the day, that's my long term goal. But a more realistic and wiser way to achieve that despite my busy schedule could be that in every 2 hours, I would write a poem; that becomes my short term goal. By the end of the day, it's expected that I would have achieved the goal of writing the 5 poems.

3. Write a list of your plans for the day:

Having defined your goals, the next wise thing to do would be to practically plan out your day. Before launching out, have an order of activities you would want to follow serially in your To Do list. This gives you a rough sketch of WHERE to go and WHAT to do as you step into the day. Effective planning involves having a Plan A and a Plan B. Your plans should be flexible enough to accommodate your goals. The sincere truth is that there would be times you might have to compromise in between the day, but a Plan B leaves you with a spare opportunity to achieve your goals for the day. Planning is rather an active activity than a passive one. Your senses and intellect have to be on the alert in order to skillfully sketch out your daily events.

4. Set a time target (time intervals):

Dissociating timing from planning is like creating a rift between breathing and living, it just doesn't cut out! Setting a time target not only affords you the luxury of achieving your goals but also utilising each moment of your day. The value you give to time determines how much of satisfaction you'll get at the end of the day. Setting time intervals is a wise way of scheduling each plan and activity at stipulated periods in the day. For effectiveness, it is wiser to have set times for plans, goals, breaks and even Miscellaneous activities! Most people fail to set a time for miscellaneous activities that is why their plans often become shattered. If time for miscellaneous activities are set, irrespective of when they occur, you could always recover them by substituting a planned activity that was meant to be achieved before they took you by surprise, immediately after the unforeseen occurrence has be tended to.

5. Take a break!

Still on timing, a good day must have stipulated intervals for a wee break(s). This relieves the brain from the workload and stress exerted on it, and gives you the luxury of staying healthy. Take a walk, catch some fun, have a little chitchat with friends, hangout if time permits. It's your day, OWN it!

6. Smile:

Whenever you smile, certain hormones called "Endorphins'' are released. These hormones are often stress relievers, Consolers when we cry or feel hurt, etc. The more they are triggered, the happier and lighter you feel during the day, and remember, a happy mind is in a more relaxed state to think.

7. Listen to cool songs with great content:

Believe it or not, what you listen to has a way of affecting the way you think and act at certain times. Don't just listen to songs for entertainment sake. Listen to quality music at intervals in the day, listen to happy songs, they trigger more endorphins, inspiring you to be at your best during the day!

8. Have a tagline for the day and repeat it at intervals:

A tagline is more like a motto! Having a good tagline fuels positive energies to keep you going during the day. The best way to maximise this, is to write it out and keep saying it to yourself throughout the day. Each day should have a new tagline. For instance, my tagline for today could be, " with every new day comes new opportunities, today is one of those days''.

9. Never settle for negativity:

Build positivity at all cost. It should show in your countenance and everything you say. Never let the poor countenance or mediocre thinking of others affect your thoughts! Whatever affects your thoughts affects your mood. Protect your mind with all you've got, protect it like your life depends on it. Think positivity, be positivity, live positivity!

10. Reward yourself for daily targets met:

Finally, reward yourself for targets met. This inspires you to put in more efforts next time and generally gears you towards leading a quality life everyday! Relive each moment of your day. Learn your lessons from the downs, lows, set backs and challenges, appreciate the highs, successes and achievements. Watch your life soar!


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