Ex-Governor's daughter, Kemi Olunloyo ready to kick out Seyi Law out of Oyo state once she becomes the Governor in 2019

It seems like the exchange of words between comedian Seyi Law and Kemi Olunloyo is not coming to an end soon as they await word blasts from each other on social media. 
A few hours ago, a video of Seyi Law went viral online for indirectly coming out for Olunloyo. In an interview with HipTv, the comedy Lord compared her with mad people when he was asked to talk about the woman who has constantly body-shamed his daughter.
On seeing the video, Kemi Olunloyo struck back, revealing that she is ready to kick out and arrest the comedian from Oyo state once she becomes the governor in 2019.
When I become governor of Oyo state I will arrest Seyi Law - Kemi Olunloyo (video)
When I become governor of Oyo state I will arrest Seyi Law - Kemi Olunloyo. Source: Instagram

She posted a short video of her in a bathroom saying: “I heard Seyi Law talked about me although he did not mention my name but he should know that when I become the governor of Oyo state, I will arrest him. Seyi Law start rounding up all your shows in Ibadan because once I become the governor, you will not be allowed into the state or else you would be arrested. I called your baby ‘orobo’ and you said you will sue me in America, they don’t sue for such things over there. All the pap and vegetable you are feeding her with are contributing to her fat.”
Watch Seyi Law and Kemi Olunloyo’s videos below:

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