Exclusive interview with Nigerian Beauty Queen, Ayapere Brambaifa

Today, we had an exclusive interview with the black beauty, Ayapere Brambaifa. The promising model hails from Sagbama Local Government Area in Bayelsa state. Amongst the so many pageantries she has contested for/featured in, she was the Face of NDU (Niger Delta University) 2014, 1st Runner up, The Nigerian Princess 2015/16, Princess of Tourism, and presently Queen Africa planet, Queen Africa International 2017/18. She's been an inspiration to so many she comes across.

Below are snippets from the interview.

Hello Dear, Let's meet you!

Ayapere: I'm Brambaifa Ayapere Stella from Sagbama lga in Bayelsa State

Wow. I must admit, beautiful people come from Sagbama!
Tell us a little about your family background..

Ayapere: Thank you!
My family is a small one, all ladies...I,my mom and younger sister.Dad is late

Awwwn...seems like we'll come to pluck from your family's garden! I'm sure your Dad is proud of you right now

Ayapere: You sure can...I'm sure he is

 Lovely! Let's do a little throw back...Can you tell us a little about your childhood?

Ayapere: My social life as a child wasn't so good because of inferiority complex...I felt like i didn't have a certain level of intelligence to be able to mingle with people and all, so that didn't allow me have much of a good social life while growing  but I outgrew it definitely

 Good to know you outgrew it.

So let's get down to business..What really inspired you to go into modeling, what was your drive?

Ayapere: Firstly most people think modeling is just about having a good body,being beautiful and all but from the word 'model' it's a whole lot more than just exhibition of beauty. I decided to go into modeling so I can use the platform to reach out to the society cos being a model has a lot to do with giving back to the society so basically that's what pushes me as a youth who doesn't have all the finance yet I use this platform to get my work done.

 Great! Too much sweetness in one. You're doing a great job

Ayapere: (Blushing) Thank you.

You're most welcome. How has the modeling journey been so far? What were your initial hurdles and challenges and how do you manage to keep up with demanding clients?

Ayapere: You'll have to explain what you mean by demanding clients

Clients who want you to model for them, perform a task within a given deadline

Ayapere: The modeling industry is not an easy one at all because we have a lot of people in the industry that are all trying to be out there so it's not easy to scale through especially in a country like ours where you need to know some people in power to be able to get where you want. But dedication and consistency is what keeps me going and what works for me and that has brought me where I am right now.
The Initial challenges i had was lack of understanding of the industry and finance, because i had to look out for sponsors when i wanted to go for events.
About demanding clients, I really don't accept jobs I can't meet up with because if anything goes wrong then the model is to blame for not carrying out the task properly even in a case where it isn't the fault of the model.

 It's really tough out there, I must admit! You're pulling on strong!

Ayapere: Yes it is...

 Great! Would you briefly give us a hint on the intricacies of modelling? The behind the scenes and undertones.

Ayapere: There's a lot to modeling from being physically fit to being mentally fit because as beautiful as a model is he/she needs to be able to represent a brand and that takes mental fitness. And also in a case where you're given a task as a contestant for a pageant event to sell tickets for the event your ability to market the tickets is also another criteria and involvement of being a model.
Because you're seen as a brand ambassador and as one you need to be able to sell the brand.

What are aspirations in life? Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

Ayapere: I aspire to be a great woman,to be at the top and a role model to many and I see myself in the next 5 years achieving that and also being a helper to many

Quite insightful. Finally, any inspiring words for other upcoming models out there?

Ayapere: I always say this to upcoming models you need to work to get to the top there's no shortcut to success and another thing is everyone works according to their timezone. You may be in the industry for 2 years and someone who just started months back could be out there it doesn't mean you're not good but it's just the timezone.

Nice thought I must admit!

Ayapere: Thank you!

Thanks a lot for gracing this show with your presence. We're looking forward to a more pleasurable experience with you!

You can follow Ayapere on Instagram @Perebrams and on Facebook @Ayapere Brambaifa.

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