Upcoming Event: Fast Rising Music Band, "The Harmoniques" talk about their Career growth and a Live Concert this August

The harmoniques is a soul, jazz and R&B band that incorporate a feel of Afro beats and Afro-Pop in their sound and delivery. The band started out in 2016 with five team members, both instrumentalists and vocalist.
Founded by Samson Idowu, with intent to become a sought after music group, it comprises of vocalists and instrumentalists;Mitchelle George, Mfon Lawrence, Victor Nelson, Ekemini Amos, and Ikenna Miracle, Edidiong George and Favour Essien.
Giving account of how they came together to form a music band, their manager, Mr. Folarin Ade-Ojo, said it was a deliberate act and was divinely arranged by God. He further said that they were all friends in same think-thank group, who used to hang-out together discussing music and singing together. So, the formation of the team happened divinely.
Based in the city of Uyo, the ‘Harmoniques’ is a music band that is widely known on social media with a growing views of their pre-recorded performances on Youtube and their facebook page.
On giving details about their first ever concert, tagged ‘‘Fusion2017: The Harmoniques live in concert’’ the manager, Mr. Folarin Ojo, had this to say.
‘’This is actually our first concert which we are due for and our fans have been yearning for it. The main cause for the concert is actually to introduce ourselves as a product to our presiding locality, letting them know who we are, what we do and why they should subscribe to our youtube channel for more. The concert is an opportunity for our fans to interact with us outside social media.’’
‘’The difference between the Harmoniquesband and other band is our vocal synergy, our re-arrangement of music and the energetic performances we deliver.’’
‘’In a summary, our concert is actually the first of its kind in the city of Uyo and we are selling out good music in fusion with dance, poetry and comedy from the finest acts in uyo. It’s actually a one day for workaholics.’’
The concert is billed to take place at ‘R & Revent center in uyo, on 13th August, 2017. Keep tabs!

Watch Harmoniques cover “Mad Over You”by Runtown
Source: AGOGNG
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