Face Of Sazzysgist 2017 Unveils The Faces Of Beautiful Contestants

The Face of Sazzysgist Nigeria Online Beauty Contest which is  one of the most followed beauty pageant on social media places priority  on the importance of getting involved and giving back by providing a  dedicated platform of charitable partnerships. As leaders and role  models, this year's Face of Sazzysgist Online Beauty Contest Nigeria finalists and reigning  titleholders will work to affect positive change through volunteering,  fundraising and advocacy. The primary aim for this year's edition is to  create awareness for Beauty and Brains and its tag BEAUTY WITH BRAINS.  The winner of Face of Sazzysgist Nigeria 2017 

Over 134 ladies anticipated and were judged based on  their PICTURE QUALITY, BOLDNESS and SMARTNESS. The 34 contestants, from  different locations in Nigeria and around the world will undergo 3 days of intensive online voting via Instagram @FaceOfSAZZYSGIST 

34 contestants, 3 finalists, 1 mission, 1 spotlight.


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