Flavour was the first man I fell in Love with, I'm still in Love with him– Anna Banner

Former beauty queen, Anna Banner in an exclusive chat with Saturday Beats, says she was still in love with Flavour, even if he is yet to marry her after having a child for him. 

In her own words:

“I couldn’t have purposely gotten pregnant because I wanted to hook a star. I was already a star too. I wasn’t looking for fame; I was even running away from fame.
But I got pregnant for somebody I really loved. It wasn’t planned. It was my mistake but I wouldn’t call my child a mistake. I was careless. But I thank God it happened with a man who I loved and who didn’t turn his back on me. When you love someone, it is hard to fall out. You cannot fall in love today and fall out of love tomorrow. Love is strong. 

Before you tell somebody you love him, you have to be sure. Flavour was the first man I fell in love with. I still love him as the beautiful soul he has and as the father of my child. 
I don’t know what the future holds but we are just taking things one step at a time.” 

She got pregnant after she featured in Flavour’s Golibe video but Anna said her relationship with the singer had nothing to do with the video. 

“Some people have got it twisted.  It wasn’t because of the video that I had a child for him. We didn’t start dating because of the video either. It just happened and it happened.”


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