I convinced people to buy beer in exchange for a 1k commission everyday–Linda Ikeji

In attempt to mark her birthday, Celebrity Blogger and TV presenter, Linda Ikeji intimates fans and well wishers on her instagram handle, on the journey so far. Indeed, it is a given that the Media magnate is one of the most notable bloggers in Nigeria today. Over the years, she has set the pace for upcoming bloggers to strive harder for excellence and corrected the ill mindset that says, "there's no money in blogging". However, nothing good comes easy, she has paid the price for excellence, been a victim of challenges, time and process and yet emerged victorious.

Read her post below:

Birthday girl! 😁. Gosh, I love how far I've come and I'm so excited for the future. I can't wait for you guys to see some of what we're planning for TV in Nigeria and the mega Selfmade programme we are planning soon. I remember selling/promoting Corona beer at Sheraton hotel, Ikeja as a 19 year old girl. Standing from 2pm to 10pm everyday for a month, trying to convince people to buy the beer cos that was how I got a commission. 1k per day...lol. It was so hard back in the day. I hustled so hard. Many didn't see it but The One who mattered the most saw me and when He was ready to bless me, He took my breath away. God has been awesome. I'm not even half way through my journey yet. By the time I'm done, the world will know that I Was Here. Thanks guys for all the birthday wishes. Kisses guys..

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