13 Signs that show you're in a Toxic relationship

What are Toxic relationships?

A toxic relationship is one that is harmful and poisonous to your physical, psychological and emotional health. It is like the venom of a rattling snake that eats you up from within in a subtle way. Toxic relationships could kill your self esteem before you realize it!

Below are 13 signs that show that you are in a toxic relationship already.

1. Purpose is not defined:

When you cannot categorically say why you are in a relationship, the relationship becomes questionable. It is high time you called it a quit before you lose your life's purpose.

2. One-sided contribution:

You know you are in a toxic relationship when you are the only contributing factor while the other party has close to little or nothing to offer. This could lead to momentary discouragement so it is best you nicely go your separate ways.

3. Lack of Motivation:

When a relationship does not spur you to action nor motivate you to realize your dreams and goals, it is a sign that your relationship lacks substance and needs to be discarded. What is the aim of being in a relationship when the basic purpose is neglected?

4. Lack of quality conversation:

When there is so much talk about trivial or mundane things of no value, growth in that relationship becomes stunted. Well, it is okay to have a little chit chat with nothing important or specific in mind once in a while but if this religiously becomes the main thrust of your conversation, it is best you let go. It could be tiring with time, making you feel like you've been orbiting around the globe or revolving in circles without going anywhere.

5. Complaints thrive like wildfire:

If all your partner does is bathe you with complaints upon complaints, it is a red light indicating you need to let go of that relationship.

6. The Soul becomes agitated, bored and weary:

If you get a cold feet, constantly unhappy, agitated or bored around the person but obviously don't know how to air your opinion, it's best you muster the courage to tell them off nicely. Relationships should be exciting and not the other way around.

7. You start playing the avoidance game:

This one is epic in an ironical sense. If all you do is seek for ways to best avoid each other, then it's the most glaring sign that you ought to let go. 

8. Jealousy becomes the Chief orator:

Jealousy is like a venom that threatens the lifeline of any relationship. If your partner gets jealous at any little achievement you get, you are obviously off the hook. Leave while you still can.

9. Destructive criticisms:

It is totally okay to criticize. In fact, a friend or partner who does not criticise you is a wolf in sheep's clothing. Criticisms arise to expose loopholes that should be worked on for the betterment of your life. However, if all the criticisms you get in a relationship are geared towards tearing you down, abysmally killing your self esteem, rather than build you up, you need to FLEE!

10. Mediocre thinking and Pessimism:

People who possess this "phenomenal" trait most often, rarely believe in the fact that things could turn out great. In fact, they rarely believe in themselves and settle for less. They have the "anything goes" mentality and so cannot go against the odds nor beat the status quo. You need to steal away before they tear you dreams down. Ever heard of "Dream killers?". Well, that's a topic for another day.

11. Overly dramatic spotlight on self:

When all your friend/partner does is continuously throw outrageous focus on self without realizing that you have your own dreams and opinions as well, you ought to let go.

12.  Time consuming without yielding results:

In a situation where all you do when you are together is beat about the bush, waste precious time without learning, achieving or deliberating on anything, you are at the verge of losing your focus.

13. Energy sapping like never before:

You feel like you've reached a dead end, you're drained and cannot think straight anymore. You feel like you've lost yourself trying to please someone else, you need to FLEE!

Practical activity:

There you have it! Henceforth, take your time to evaluate your relationships, are these present? If Yes, you ought to let go!
If you happen to be the one on the toxic end, you can make amendments. Remember, it's never too late until you say it's late!

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