“Yahoo Boys Are Mugu” – Seun Kuti Explains – What do you think?

Seun Kuti, son of late legendary singer and human right activist; Fela Anikulapo-Kuti has called out Yahoo boys in Nigeria, referring to them as mugus.

It is no news that the craze about the Nigerian fraudsters, tagged ''Yahoo Boys'' are making the rounds more these days. We've heard the latest of them getting involved in all manner of dirty practices such as selling ladies undies to buy Benz and other sophisticated gadgets. Seun Kuti however, draws our attention to a different perspective of the whole scam game as regarding development.

According to a post he shared on social media, Yahoo boys are nothing but fools because the money they earn from scamming white men are still spent on materials made by white men. In his opinion, this is fool hardy and is no different from returning the money to them.

He wrote:-


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