Fans go haywire as popular brand, Instablog9ja follows Stella Dimoko (See comments below)

Fans react as Popular Instagram blog, Instablog9ja follows Stella Dimoko Korkus

It's no news that the brand Instablog9ja, regarded as the King of Instagram blogging has a reputation for media excellence on the gram and having no followings is one of its trademarks. In times past, fans regarded the influencer's following of accounts as a promotional strategy for the brand's client who benefits from this through paid sponsorship on the Instablog9ja platform.

However, unlike times before, this feels different as IBN wasn't just spotted following her but also seen in the comment section of popular Nigerian entertainment blogger/journalist, Stella Dimoko Korkus. Fans however, reacted to this new development and gave all manner of comments amongst which some were of the opinion that it was paid for and went on to ask the blogger how much she paid to receive this exceptional treatment from the Instablog9ja brand.

Her reaction though changed the dimension of the conversation as she opined that at her level she doesn't have to pay to get promoted and that IBN's following her was birthed out of a true friendship between the two.

In replying to a certain user, She said:

''Pay? You mean at this stage I should pay someone to follow me and comment on my page? What you are seeing with @instablog9ja is a budding friendship that has the mark of respect on it''.

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