[INSPIRATION] Think Betterment NOT Perfection!!


I know this might shake a table but oh well, Spoiler alert!

Most times as humans, we tend to set unrealisitic expectations for ourselves simply because of people's expectations of us. We feel pressured, tensed, eyes are watching and we ought to give them a show worthwhile!

I'll tell you what: I personally threw the word ''Perfection'' away a longtime ago. Your GOAL shouldn't be striving to be ''PERFECT'', your Goal should be striving to be ''BETTER'', know the difference!

At times when we set certain outrageous standards and we end up not living up to them, we tend to feel disappointed at ourselves and this could lead to receding back to our shells, low self esteem, depression, feeling of worthlessness, anxiety and their likes. We keep our eyes so fixated on the ''GOAL NOT ACCOMPLISHED'' that we become beclouded from taking cognisance of what ''WE LEARNT'' in the ''PROCESS''.

  On the contrary, when our aim is to become BETTER, we appreciate the good and the bad, we see our mistakes and flops as colours to our being, when tasks/things don't turn out as expected, we fall back on the memories of the process of the journey, we commend ourselves for being brave enough to try. We stay positive and hope to do better next time. 

So when next you don't do so well at ''perfecting'' a task/goal, ask yourself these questions:

• Did I give it my all? 
• What have I learnt so far? 
• How have I become better?
• What are the little areas of my life I improved on through this? 
• What new skill did I learn? (Organizational, Multitasking, Analytical skills, etc)

Once we successfully program our mind to think ''BETTER'' rather than ''PERFECT'', our energies tilt towards more positivity which in turn leads to more productivity in our jobs, homes and personal lives. 

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