''I've found more joy of late when I stopped chasing people...''- Tyrese

American musician/actor, Tyrese Gibson popularly known as Tyrese took to his social media to lament why he's been having sleepless nights of late. He insights that most people hang around us for the wrong reasons and true joy is experienced when we stop fighting to keep them in our lives. Furthermore, the Hollywood act announced his yet to be released movie, ''Black and Blue'' to fans beckoning on them to watch the trailer on his YouTube channel.

His Instagram post read:

Pissed 6am..... Here in London and I haven’t been able to sleep..... Damn.::: I guess I stayed up for 2 things.... 1..? I got a new movie coming out y’all and honestly I’m really really charged up about it its gotten 15 million views in 24 hours -it’s called Black And Blue... Can I ask you a favor..? Can you watch the trailer? ( The link is in my Instagram bio go right UP ⬆️ there coo? thx!.) if you love it drop 3 🔥🔥🔥’s in my comments Thx ....2..? I’ve found more joy as of late when I stopped chasing people and friendships and just decided to DO ME!!!!! A lot of you guys don’t realize that you are still in those relationships/friendships cause you have FEAR that they’re going to talk shit about you or spread all your secrets and business ... I will say this, IF it’s in their character and personality to talk shit about you..?? They’ve been doing it the whole they’ve been IN your life..... Cut they asses off cause if you do it now..? You ain’t gonna give them anything NEW to spread or talk shit about...... Rumors..? What rumors? Those are your janky ass friends that you already DON’t like telling all your business pull out those #SelfLove ✂️’s and cut the chord on all them bullshit people out of your life now.....
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