The Solution behind this lies in diplomatic conversations - Ycee on Xenophobia attack

Nigerian rapper and singer, YCee says boycotting South African businesses operating in Nigeria isn’t the solution to the ongoing xenophobia.

The Xenophobia attack in South Africa seems to keep raging more furiously as the days go by. For a while now South African based Nigerians have been incessantly murdered in cold blood by their South African counterparts. The situation keeps getting uglier as there is viral spread of videos and photos of this gruesome events in the media. 

However, following the recent attacks on Nigerians in SA, some home based compatriots and those in diaspora have taken the bull by the horn and are relentlessly speaking against this disheartening event and are advocating the boycott of South African owned businesses in Nigeria like DSTV, MTN, Shoprite, etc. 
In respect to this, in a tweet on his social media, Nigerian rapper, YCee was of the opinion that it is not the answer as these businesses are also means of livelihood to many Nigerians employed there. In his opinion, it is the government’s duty and obligation to bring xenophobia to a halt.

He said:-

Everyone screaming boycott this and that forgetting that these businesses here are still employment opportunities.
The solution behind this lies in diplomatic conversations! It is the government’s obligation and duty to take immediate action. 


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