The elements of the world will continue to control you until you do this - Rev Aderemi Badru


As I was flying back to Houston tonight, again the Holy Spirit called my attention to the fact that the higher you go with the Lord,the smaller the things of the earth will become in your eye! 

There was a time the flight was flying at a higher altitude and at that point, it was impossible to see anything on the earth. 

Later, the flight started flying at a less higher altitude, at that point, you could barely see the things on the earth and they were in their tiniest form.

After a while, we began to descend and the more we descend, the bigger the things on the earth became. 

Finally when we touched down, everything that was invisible and that looked tiny suddenly became very big.

Yes, it now made so much sense because when you are seated with Christ in heavenly places, the things of this world will become insignificant to you.

When you are up there with Christ, you will worry less about the things on the earth because you won’t even see them. 

The higher you go with Christ Jesus, the more you realized that there is nothing that is worth dying for on the earth. 

Oh that I can always be in that place high up with Christ Jesus where nothing else will matter except Jesus.

The reason we still worry so much about the material things of this life is because we have not come to that place where all that matters is Jesus and where all these things are insignificant to us. 

We must go higher in our relationship with Christ Jesus until everything else fades away and Christ Jesus alone becomes the only thing we can see!

One way to know that you are backsliding or descending from your place with Christ is when you suddenly now worry more about the material things of life and that becomes only your focus.

The more you go down in your walk with God, the more concerned you are about what to eat, drink, wear, where to live, what kind of cars you drive, what kind of houses you live in and so on. 

These are the things that the unbelievers see and seek but you can’t set your affection on things above and on the things of this earth at the same time.

Until Jesus is all that matters, you are still not where you are supposed to be and when suddenly your love for Jesus is getting replaced with the affection for the things of this life, the that is the time to cry out and say Jesus have mercy on me!

Therefore, if you and I have been risen with Christ, we must set our affection on things above and not on the the things of this earth says Apostle Paul.

Only “IF” you are risen with Christ, can your affections be on the things above!!! 

There is an altitude you must be in Christ for the things of this earth to become insignificant to you!

Until you are seated with Christ Jesus in heavenly places far above principalities and powers of this world, the elements of this world will continue to control you.

I hope you understand?

Let me know!

Your brother 

Rev. Aderemi Badru


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